Errunhrd is a dream pop project created by multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer, and songwriter Shirin Ghoujalou. She is notable for her intimate vocals and ambient sound.

Genres: Dream Pop, Ambient Pop, Trip-Hop, Synth-Pop

Shirin formed Errunhrd in early 2016. After having previously been a part of several bands, Shirin decided to go her own way to explore her own musical and lyrical creativity. Influenced heavily by experimental synth-pop bands New Order and Grimes, as well as alternative bands Daughter and London Grammar, she set out to articulate her own musical perspective encompassing alternative rock and experimental electronic music. 

Shirin grew up learning folk and rock guitar, but later in her teenage years decided to study classical and jazz guitar in order to understand her instrument more. After studying jazz guitar and music production briefly in university, Shirin decided to enter the world of electronic music. She currently programs and uses software synthesizers and drum machines. Playing guitar since the age of 12, Shirin makes sure to still create a few songs with guitar being the main focal point. 

Errunhrd’s music is very dark and dreadful, but also light and melancholy: a style that Shirin refers to as "some kind of melancholy hope." Shirin’s lyrics come directly from her experiences in life. She does not create any fictional settings - what you hear is an honest reflection of her strongest, innermost emotions. 

Shirin has always felt that music connects parts of ourselves that we could not otherwise communicate through speaking or writing. She couldn’t find anything representative of the fear and angst she feels while trying to coexist with other human beings, so she created Errunhrd. The name Errunhrd (pronounced “err unheard”) was chosen by Shirin because she felt it accurately described the unheard emotions she expresses in her music - the “error,” the non-happy-go-lucky emotions - emotions such as fear, pain, worry, and sadness. Errunhrd is Shirin’s attempt at finding her place in the world. 

Errunhrd is currently working on her debut album.

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