‘Rain (Sun Is Gone)’ epitomises her creative outlook, diving deep into her vulnerabilities and fears about her own well-being, as well as extending an olive branch to her Grandmother and to her listeners who are struggling to tread water in these testing times.”

Kate Crudgington, Get In Her Ears

What’s consistent, though, is Ghoujalou’s voice, floating spectrally through 'Atbp2' like an eerie, otherworldly narrator sending shivers down your spine.”


If you enjoy the likes of Purity Ring or Grimes, you will surely enjoy Errunhrd. Ranging from trip-hop to ambient-pop to experimental electronic, ILYBWYWM will undoubtedly keep any listener on his or her toes.”

The Spill Magazine

Would you wake up if Errunhrd‘s 'Teleology (You Will Not)' started to play in the morning? I would. The vocals cut deep enough for me to wake up.”

Richardine Bartee, GRUNGECAKE

[Teleology (You Will Not)] An incredible, emotive electronic track, packed with flair, dark beats and seductive vocals.”

Dom Smith, Soundsphere Magazine

Teleology (You Will Not) is...a hard track to categorise, opening with an icy synth sound that wouldn’t be amiss on an old witch house track, but as a foray into an eclectic and electronic take on shoegaze and ambient it certainly defies convention.”

Mark Buckley, Electronic North

'Crash' takes you into a dreamy haze away from reality. ”

Tiana Feng, Ride The Tempo